Travel Soccer Program

What is travel soccer?

Travel soccer differs from house or recreation soccer in that it is more competitive, scores and standings are recorded (with the exception of U10 teams). Teams are gender specific. Emphasis is on fine-tuning skills & teamwork. Games are played against other travel teams throughout Western New York (within approximately 25 miles from home field). Home games are played at different sites around North Tonawanda.

Why teams are build teams in 1-year increments?

Past experience has shown teams that stay together with multiple age players have a difficult time competing with single year age teams. Think of the physical difference between a 12 and 14 yr old or a 14 and 16 yr old.

Does everyone who comes to tryouts make a travel soccer team?

No, not everyone who comes will make a team. Teams are built by putting similar skilled players together. After teams are built the travel coordinator and team coaches further evaluate the players and place them in a skill appropriate division. “A” division being the most skilled with lesser skilled division down to “E” division.

Can we have more than 1 single age team playing in different divisions?

Yes. Depending on the skill level of the players and availability of coaches it is possible to field a team in every division within a specific age group. We could have U-10 “A”, “B”, ”C”’, “D”. & “E” teams playing in the BWNYJSL in the summer.

What if my child does not make a travel team?

Encourage your child to continue playing soccer in our house soccer program and “Just for Kicks” player development program. Every child develops at a different pace, the player that is not as skilled as the players on the current travel team may develop better skills in the course of a year and come next tryout surpass the previous travel players in soccer skills.

Why can’t my child automatically make a team?

What makes house soccer different than travel soccer is the measurement of skills. In house soccer everyone no matter the skill level gets to participate. Travel was developed for players that have better skills as well as desire to be more challenged by similar skilled players.

Does my child need to tryout every year?

Yes. Every year in August we will hold tryouts as a means to measure the skill level of each player. Players develop at different levels and a tryout allows coaches to measure their development against similar aged players. It is our goal to put similar skilled players together and allow them to play on an age appropriate team for a year. After a year a player may be asked to play on a different age appropriate and skilled level team.

Can my child be selected for more than one team?

If a player is currently playing on a team and is “playing up” (younger than their teammates and playing in an older division) they will have the option to play on an age appropriate team. If the player and parents want to keep them were they are they can stay on the same team. However if a player and parent would like to play on an age appropriate team they may do so.

What if only one team selects my child?

It is up to the parent and player if they would like to play on the team they are selected.

What are the costs of playing travel soccer?

Once selected to a team, the cost of play will depend on what the coaches and parents decide they would like to do. We encourage teams to participate in at least 2 local tournaments this is in addition to the 12 week summer season. During the fall and winter individual teams decide when and were they would like to play. We have found teams that do not participate in fall and winter leagues have a difficult time fielding a team in the summer. Teams U-12 and older that practice in the winter pay for practice time. The club does supplement some of the costs of practicing in the winter. Unfortunately due to the size of the players at U-12 and older using small elementary gyms are not an option.

  • Uniform: $160.00 per player (2 shirts,  2 shorts, 2 socks, full warmup, and bag )  The uniform may be used for more than one season depending on the growth of the player. Uniform pieces can be replaced individually as needed by contacting your teams head coach.
  • Annual Registration/Travel Pass: $16 per player per year
  • 8-week indoor season November–December approximately $85.00 per player for team registration and professional trainer for two training sessions per month.
  • 12-week indoor season January–March approximately $120.00 player for team registration and professional trainer for two training sessions per month.
  • 13 week outdoor season May-August approximately $300.00 per player for team registration, participation in 2 soccer tournaments (extra cost) and professional trainer for 2 training sessions per month.

What is expected of a travel coach?

What is expected of our travel coaches is a commitment to the players and betterment of the Northtowns Soccer Club. We would like for all our coaches to have at least a “E” course coaching certificate. It is an 18 hour course that is run on a weekend. The club will reimburse the cost of the course over 2 years of service as a travel coach. Also monthly attendance at our club meeting. We realize things come up and placing attending the meeting solely on the shoulders of the team coach is unfair, a team may have in attendance a coach, assistant coach or parent representative.

How do I run my team?

Each travel coach runs their team with the development of the players as a primary concern. Winning is not as important as teaching the important life skills competitive sports brings out such as hard work, sportsmanship and team work. Fall and winter league play the collection of money is the sole responsibility of the individual team. The summer season registration is done on line and all fees will be dispersed by the club to the BWNYJSL. Playing in winter indoor leagues as well as practicing in the winter although not mandatory is strongly recommended. We have seen teams that are not working in the winter have a difficult time fielding a team. Kids have a tendency to wander and staying together throughout the year is a great way to create team unity.

Travel Teams and Coaches Contact Info


Interested in our northtowns soccer club travel program? We have multiple teams, girls and boys, in several age groups. Our teams, coach and contact information is below: 

U13 Lady Renegades

Coach Jim Blankenship

U14 Boys Revolution

Coach Jeff Sass, Jill Siford,

U17 Girls Storm

Coach Brian Miranto , Doug Stone,

U17  Boys Destroyers

Coach John Barone , Robert Sharples,

U16 Boys Resurgance

Coach Jason Dipalma, Eric Zadzilka


Travel Soccer - Field Maps

Spruce School Field

195 Spruce Street North Tonawanda, New York 14120




Ohio Elementary School Fields

625 Ohio Street North Tonawanda, New York 14120

Gratwick Waterfront Park, North Tonawanda, New York 14120

1100 River Road North Tonawanda, NY 14120

Fields are Numbered as follows:

U10 #'s 1 & 2 (7v7)

U11/U12 #'s 3 & 4 (9v9)

U13-U19 #'s 5 & 6 (11v11)