House Soccer Rules

House Rules

Revised: 2019
All Northtowns Soccer Club teams will follow the US Youth Soccer modified playing guidelines

Category Under 6 Under 8/9 Under 10 Under 12/13 U14 & Up
Players - Outdoors 4 - no goalies  7 + goalie 7 + goalie 9 + goalie 10 + goalie
Players -Indoors 6 - no goalies 5 + goalie 5 + goalie 8 + goalie 7 + goalie
Offsides No No Outdoors Only Yes Yes
Coaches on field 1 per team 1 (games 1-5) None None None
Soccer ball Size 3 4 4 4 5
Time of play (2) 25 min halves (2) 25 min halves (2) 25 min halves (2) 25 min halves (2) 25 min halves
Halftime 2 min 2 min 2 min 2 min 2 min
Goalies None None 1/2 game max 1/2 game max No restrictions
Throw-in Retakes Until correct Up to game 5 No retakes No retakes No retakes
Free Kicks indirect only indirect only indirect only direct & indirect direct & indirect
Opponent Distance on kicks 5 yards indoor-5, out-10 indoor-5, out-10 indoor-5, out-10 indoor-5, out-10
Penalty Kicks None None None Yes Yes
Slide Tackles Not Allowed Not Allowed Not Allowed Not Allowed Not Allowed
Punting/Drop Kicks (Indoors) Not Allowed Not Allowed Not Allowed Full Field - OK Full Field - OK


  • Substitutions: Permitted at either teams throw-in, goal kick, goal or after an injury by either team.  Must substitute at the halfway line.
  • Yellow Cards: Any player receiving a yellow card must be substituted for.
  • Red Cards: Any player receiving a red card must sit out the remainder of the game.  Red cards for violent conduct or intent to injure will subject the offending player to disciplinary action by the Northtowns Board of Directors.
  • Absolutely no unregistered child is allowed to play or substitute for any Northtowns Soccer Teams.  Any coach that violates this rule may be: (1) subject to coach & or team penalties, (2) jeopardize their coaching license or future license, (3) is held totally and personally responsible for that unregistered child.
  • Players are required to wear shin guards under their socks to play in the game.
  • Sneakers or soft cleated soccer shoes are permitted for outdoor soccer.
  • Screw in cleats or baseball shoes are not permitted.
  • Absolutely no jewelry is allowed.
  • The team listed first on the schedule will supply the game ball.
  • No scores or records are kept.  We will not keep records but the children will know who is winning and losing.  We hope all the teams are balanced but that is impossible to do.  If you end up with one of the stronger teams, please do not hit on a weaker team or a team that may be short players.  If the other team cannot field a full team, please put the same number of players on the field as the other team has.  We expect each coach to think of the children on the other team and do whatever it takes to keep the score within reason.  If you get up by 4-5 goals, start putting restrictions on the players such as passing 2-3 times before shooting.  Winning is fun but that should not be your main goal, player development is the main goal!!!
  • All players must play at least half the game and players should play all positions at all levels.