About us:

Soccer has become one of the fastest growing sports for the co-ed youth of today.  The Northtowns Soccer club started back in the late 1970’s as a spin off of the local football program.  There were 2 sets of goals and 4 travel teams with approximately 72 players.  Today the Northtowns Soccer Club has hundreds of players on  our “House” teams and “Travel” teams.

The Northtowns Soccer Club has a diverse program that starts young children in the U6 level of recreational or “House” level that teaches beginner / entry level soccer skills.  The house program is a co-ed through the middle school age level.  Additionally, in the summer of 2003 the Northtowns Soccer Club added the High School age level to the House Summer programs.  Other local WNY Soccer Clubs and programs have also expanded their programs to accommodate the continued interest of these young adults.  At the House level of play, everyone plays soccer with a strong emphasis of learning the game, having fun, and building good sportsmanship qualities.

The “Travel” level or more competitive level of play is based on skill level.  Here the players are added to a team according to their skill level, age, and gender rather than by application to play.  These teams are part of a larger association that plays against other Soccer Clubs throughout Buffalo and Western New York as per schedules.

The Northtowns Soccer Club is a non-profit soccer group that depends solely on volunteers for it’s success and continued future success.  Nearly 100 volunteer Northtowns coaches have already received their coaching licenses through our state office association, and every year that list continues to grow.  A Big, Big Thank you goes out to all of our Volunteers that remain committed to helping the youth of today remain active in positive activities such as Soccer.


Article (1): Section a)
Article (2): Section b)
Article (3): Section a)
Article (4): Section c)

(New York Not-For Profit -Corporation)


The corporation shall be the "Northtown's Soccer Club" here after called NSC with one or more headquarters and offices located both in Erie and Niagara Counties, in the State of New York.


The purpose of the Corporation is to promote interest and participation in the game of soccer among youth, and seniors, to improve soccer skill knowledge by offering coaching and instruction, improve their physical and mental capabilities and to conduct a fair and equitable three level soccer program, playing league, cup and tournament competition, and to offer the expertise gained through the above activities to any and all other individuals that are interested in the furtherance and development of soccer as a competitive sport.


Any person designated to function in a position requiring responsibility for conduction the work of the Corporation.

NSC Responsibilities of Membership

Shall defend the principles and ideals for which the Corporation has been constituted, to conduct himself in a manner that will bring honor and distinction to him, his fellow members, children, Club, and to promote good fellowship and leadership among the membership.

Article (5): Section a)
Article (6): Section a)
Article (7): Section a)
Article (8): Section a)
Article (9): Section a)
Article (10): Section a) b)

NSC Misconduct of Membership

Any member, who is guilty if misconduct shall be suspended from Club activities for a period of up to one year or more, as follows:
1- Violation of the Club By-Laws, Club Rules or New York Non-For-Profit-Corporation Law.

NSC Member in Good Standing

Voting powers as follows:

  • Individuals designated or appointed to a position requiring responsibility and commitment for the conducting of the work of the Club, One Man, One Vote per issue.
  • Proxies, every member entitled to vote at a meeting of members to express consent of dissent, may mail by registered mail or authorize another member to act for him by proxy. Each Proxy must be signed by the member in good standing.

Membership Fee

Shall be determined by the NSC Board of Directors, at their annual meeting.

NSC Board Quorum

Shall be a majority of the Board of Directors, to be in attendance to conduct Board meetings.

NSC Voting Board Members

One man one vote.

NSC Regular & Annual General Meeting

  • NSC regular meetings shall be held in the months of January, April, July, October, and November date and time determined by the Board of Directors.
  • NSC Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be the October monthly meeting.

Article (11): Section a)
Article (12): Section a)
Article (13): Section a)

NSC Special By-Laws Meeting

Shall be forwarded in writing to the Board of Directors no less than 60 days prior to the regular general meeting of the board.

  • All proposed amendment to the By-Laws will be heard by the NSC Board, and presented to the general membership to be voted upon.
  • Copies of proposed By-Laws Amendments shall be sent to all members in good standing, thirty (30) days prior to a special joint meeting of all members in good standing
  • Amendments to the By-Laws must receive two/thirds of the votes of the membership present and in good standing to be adopted.

NSC Meetings

Board meetings order of business shall be:  Roll Call -- Secretary's Report -- Treasurer's Report -- Corresponding Secretary's Report -- Committee Reports -- Old Business -- New Business -- (Election of Officers at AGM) -- Adjournment

NSC Board of Directors Body

Maximum of 10 members

  • President/Corresponding Secretary
  • First Vice-President
  • Second Vice-President
  • Recording Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Trustee (Field Manager) appointed by board
  • Trustee (Referee Assignor) appointed by board
  • Trustee (Trainer/Camps)
  • Life Member

Board members will be elected to either one or two year terms as follows:

  • President: 2 year term (odd numbered years)
  • First Vice-President: 2 year term (even numbered years)
  • Second Vice-President - 2 year term (odd numbered years)
  • Treasurer - 2 year term (even numbered years)
  • All others - 1 year term

Any board position vacated during the one year term will be filled by an interim director appointed by the Board for the remainder of the term.

  • Board members can hold more than one office
  • NSC AGM (October Club Meeting), will be annual election of officers. Nominations shall be taken at the September meeting and up to the time of elections at the October meeting.


  • Shall preside at all NSC meeting. Shall notify all NSC Directors of any Board of Directors Meetings.
  • Shall not have the power to vote, except in the case of a tie vote. Shall handle Club correspondence, membership and corporate books and records.


  • Head committee to register all house league players.
  • Shall supply a list of registered house league players to the New York State West District Commissioner.
  • Appoint House Coordinator


  • Head the committee to coordinate all Travel League activities.
  • Shall attend all B&WNYJSL meetings and report to NSC at all monthly meetings.
  • Appoint travel coordinator


  • Shall keep records and minutes of all regular monthly meetings and all Board of Directors meetings.


  • Shall keep a detailed accounts of all money received and spent.
  • Shall pay all bills.
  • Shall maintain a checking account in a local bank, and all expenditures must be made by check in order to have a documented payment.


Article (14): Section a)

NSC Board of Directors Body

The Board of Directors shall appoint a Chairman for the following:


  • Shall chair the fund raising committee.
  • All fund raising programs must be approved by the Board of Members.
  • Any money received by this committee must be turned over to the Treasurer weekly, and deposited into the bank.


  • Shall handle misconduct or ethics charges against any Club member.
  • Shall upon written notice investigate any violations of the By-Laws, or Club rules by any member in good standing.
  • Chairman shall appoint a committee of three (3) to hear all charges. The chairman will not have the right to vote.
  • No person can sit on a committee that has a conflict of interest on the matters heard.


  • Shall head committee to set up and maintain all fields and equipment.
  • Shall collect and inventory all equipment at end of the season.


  • Shall assign referees for house league and handle all referee business with Club. Club shall pay for his required courses.


  • Shall set up and manage all licensing courses and seminars for coaches.
  • Shall set up and manage any camp(s) for players.

Article (15): Section a)

NSC Dissolution

Upon dissolution of the league, the NSC Board of Directors shall, after paying all liabilities of the corporation, dispose of any assets of the Corporation to the Boys and Girls Club of The Tonawandas, a qualified exempt organization under section 501 (2),(3) of the IRS code.